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Long time writer…

Cheryl is a long time writer who has had the privilege of editing two full-sized Self-Help books written by colleagues, as well as many articles and newsletters. She has journaled most of her life, and believes that everyone has a story to tell that someone else will want to hear. She enjoys contributing to newsletters, magazines, web page posts and blogs, on a regular basis.

As an additional creative pursuit, in 2010 Cheryl brought to life a long held dream when she co-produced a meditation CD with musician/composer Marlon Gibbons. Entitled ‘The Journey,’ it offers the listener three beautifully guided visualization experiences set to moving relaxation based music. This deeply fulfilling project allowed Cheryl to bring her voice to life for clients and colleagues alike. Recognizing her desire to encourage others to speak their truth, Cheryl now provides a variety of supportive services for creative expression.

Some of these services take the form of workshops with clients who choose to gather a group of friends, while others include providing Writing, Coaching, and Editing through where she has been connected with a like-minded entrepreneur since 2014.

Why IC Publishing?

Cheryl met Sheri Andrunyk, Founder of Women for Women Canada, and IC Publishing, through Linked In in 2010 – proof that Social Media works! They have followed each others’ helping paths and attended events collaboratively on occasion since that time. Cheryl is now pleased to be part of her helping team at IC Publishing, offering part-time coaching and editing services to writers looking to ensure that their authenticity is kept in tact when publishing their work. It is a new and creative extension of the varied healing and helping services that she offers. In addition to continuing to work on her own book about her volunteer journey to Africa in 2008, she looks forward to helping other new writers bring their stories to life too!

In 2015, Sheri gave Cheryl an enriching opportunity to be a part of her monthly blog postings, where she offered some tid-bits on how to stay focused on personal writing pursuits in a two part-series entitled “Getting Into the Write Headspace.” You can check out those postings at: