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Here are just a few ways in which essential oils may be used:

  • to cleanse and beautify the skin
  • to relieve burns
  • to lessen headache tension
  • to reduce joint and muscle pain
  • to improve focus and concentration
  • to promote a restful night’s sleep
  • to promote fresh breath
  • to assist in calming the nerves
  • to enhance physical and mental energy
  • to provide a sense of balance and stability
  • to reduce digestive discomfort
  • to make natural household products, in order to reduce the use of harsh chemicals and toxins in the home
  • to freshen the air
  • to support the immune system
  • to add a flavorful twist to foods

What is Aromatherapy?

Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds, derived from various parts of plants, such as flowers, leaves, resins, seeds, roots, bark, and grasses. Aromatherapy is the study and use of these essential oils in order to help to enhance the body, mind and spirit. Used topically, aromatically and internally, these oils have many therapeutic properties that provide healing and balancing on all levels. They work directly on the skin and organs, and also on the limbic system. This is the part of the brain that controls mood. They can work both psychologically and physiologically, and have the potential to increase your sense of wellbeing on every level.

dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:

Cheryl is very excited to announce a new partnership with dōTERRA Essential Oils as an Independent Wellness Advocate and Business Builder. As a longstanding Social Worker and Holistic Health Practitioner who has advocated natural approaches to well being throughout her career, essential oils are easily incorporated as an adjunct into her practice. She has been presenting workshops on the benefits of essential oils to support emotional well-being and improve meditation practice for over 15 years.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to the incorporation of essential oils into your life and into your home. Through this new experience she has already seen improvements in her own overall sense of well being on every level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If you are interested in learning how essential oils could do the same for you or would like to book an individual consultation or a class with a group of friends, please feel free to contact her, or go to

This page is not authored by dōTERRA or any of its affiliated companies; and Cheryl Moore, Wellness Advocate, bears all responsibility for its content.