Here and Now Health –  Fitness

Types of Fitness Services

  • Fitness Assessment/Consultation
  • Fitness Program Development
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • Group Fitness Classes for all Levels
  • Yoga/Meditation
  • Equipment Demonstration Workshops
  • Older Adult Specialist Programming

The Benefits of Physical Activity:

Engaging in any sort of movement activity will bring an expanded sense of well being to body, mind and spirit. Here are some of the most common reasons people choose to exercise:

  • to strengthen bones and muscles
  • to improve your ability to cope with the tasks of daily living
  • to improve cardiovascular health
  • to control weight
  • to maintain flexibility
  • to improve your mental health and mood
  • to boost your energy
  • to create a sense of balance and focus
  • to combat health conditions
  • to promote better sleep
  • to increase your social contact
  • to have fun

Dino has been offering…

Dino has now been offering a variety of fitness classes through Tiny Parks and Recreation for ten years. Sessions are posted seasonally on their web site at:

Dino encourages you to find an activity you enjoy in each of our four beautiful seasons, and to get outside as much as possible. Nature has a perfect way of bringing you into the moment, giving you the opportunity to re-centre and recharge. And the added dose of oxygen in the outside air is sure to aid you in reaching your wellness goals. In addition to exercise, remember that nutritionally good food choices also affect your well-being. Dino role models this reminder as a practicing vegetarian (who occasionally still eats fish ), and he is often providing tidbits of dietary wellness during his classes. Come on out to a class and try something new.