“We give thanks for places of nature’s truth and freedom, of joy, inspiration and renewal; places where all creatures may find acceptance and belonging.”
– (Leunig)

Happy Summer!

May your heart be as light as the days are long!

News – What Is Your Intuitive Oil Community?

I have just facilitated an annual team retreat for my tribe of incredible wellness leaders, and I am feeling so excited with the growth on our team.  It occurs to me in the aftermath of that glow, that some of you might not know who we are, what we do, or what we can offer. I know it seems like essential oils have become mainstream and everybody seems to be into it, or knows someone who’s into it. 

But we are more than our oils. We are a lot more than our oils.

So I thought I would tell you a little more about us today.

We are a group of Wellness Advocates offering education and support about natural solutions to health. We believe in the reduction of exposure to today’s toxic load, in balanced and harmonious living with as little stress as possible, and in living a life based in joy.  We know that everyone can best do this by appreciating the inherent intuitive and holistic nature of our make up as humans; thereby requiring us to approach our life with habits that attend to the needs of all four dimensions of our being – body, mind, heart and soul.


As a combined force of empowered providers, we work each day to walk our own walk for optimal wellness.  In turn, we can then put our passion, training, skill and knowledge together as a collective healthy team in order to bring you an array of services that attend to those holistic dimensions of wellness that are so important. Our combined services include:

*Essential Oil Education and Support

*Counseling for Mental and Emotional Health

*Life Coaching

*Fitness Training

*Yoga and Meditation

*Nutritional Expertise

*Dula Care for pregnant women and new moms

*Reiki, Aromatouch, and Hot Stone Massage

*Nursing Foot Care

*Stress Management Workshops

*Trauma & Resiliency Workshops

*Spiritual Growth Workshops

*Intuitive Consultation

Want to know a bit more about what makes each us tick? We have created a new leadership page so you can get to know a little bit more about us personally.  Check that out here:

We are rising up for you!


Upcoming Events

Yoga on the Beach starts this coming Monday.

Seven sessions offered over the summer.

Pay in advance for $72 + hst, or pay drop-in fees of $15 per class.

Yoga on the Beach - Wahnekewening Beach - Summer 2019 -  Tiny, ON

No upcoming events

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