Here and Now Health –  Reiki

All forms of energy work have as their core belief an understanding that the gentle laying on of hands assists in promoting healing at physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.  Cheryl and Dino are both Certified Reiki Masters, and in addition to offering Reiki services, Cheryl has been teaching Reiki to others for over 15 years. Because of their belief in the power of this modality, they feel privileged to offer Reiki twice monthly as part of the programming at the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre.

What are some of the potential benefits of Reiki?

  • deep relaxation
  • clearing of energy blocks
  • calmness
  • increased energy
  • increased clarity
  • a relief of emotional stress
  • promotion of one’s innate healing ability
  • an overall sense of wellbeing
  • a sense of spiritual connection and well being

What is Reiki?

The term Reiki refers to the alignment of “Ki “(Chi), the lower principle of energy that permeates the physical plane, with the higher principle of cosmic energy or “Rei,” the Transcendental Divine Light. Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing art, which allows a receptive practitioner to become the conscious instrument, which focuses and transmits that Light. Depleted energy is restored and balanced; promoting healing, wholeness and expanded consciousness. Basic to all Oriental healing arts is the concept that “ki” is the vital force upon which physical life is dependent. The amount, quality and harmony of this vital energy is essential for health and the optimal functioning of your being. Reiki was developed over 4500 years ago in ancient Tibet, then travelled to India, and from there, over hundreds and thousands of years, it was dispersed into the west through Egypt, Greece and Rome. In Japan, in the mid 19th century, Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered this ancient healing formula, which taps into and releases the great “rei” energy. Reiki is now taught in a workshop format in three levels, but the information shared is still honored as sacred, and practitioners must vow to use this healing method with only the purest of intention.

What will I experience?

Everyone’s experience is unique………To receive an Energy Work session, dress very comfortably, minimizing metal objects. Try not to eat for a couple of hours before, and drink plenty of water before and after, as this helps to move energy through the body. Arrive with an open mind, willing to relax and let go of concerns for a while. The practitioner will assist you with this. Sometimes people feel warmth or heat sensations in the areas of the body that are being worked on; others may feel the subtle movement of energy through the body, with light tingling sensations, or spontaneous twitching of specific body parts. At other times mental or emotional stresses may surface; and if so, you’ll be encouraged to release them. Most often one feels light and relaxed, comforted, supported, blessed and deeply loved. You can assist by being open to allowing yourself to experience this feeling of well being and peace; and in this way, every cell in your receptive body-mind will be enhanced during the session. The energy received will continue to work and be integrated for hours, even days after the session. It is safe to receive Energy Work as often as needed, although practitioners generally suggest you wait a while between sessions. If you are working on a specific physical or emotional issue, as an adjunct to other modalities that support you in your healing efforts, you may find it useful to commit to several sessions of energy work helpful in order to effectively.