Here and Now Heath – Community Partners

Tiny Township Parks & Recreation

We are now entering into our 9th year of programming with Tiny Township Parks and Rec. Department, through whom we offer an array of fitness and wellness classes. Tiny is such a great place to live, and we really enjoy interacting with our fellow Huronia area residents. Some of the classes we have offered through the Township include yoga, meditation, core conditioning, and body sculpting. Courses can be attended by the season, or on a pay-as-you-go basis. Each season the Township posts the schedule of options on their web site. The last few years, the Township has also been promoting “Parks and Recreation Month” in June of each year, and this has been a fun way to offer new experiences for residents, and interact in parts of the Township that we don’t always get to. A particular favorite is “Yoga on the Beach” at the end of the 13th Concession!

For the latest info on Fitness and General interest classes available from all Program Providers:

Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre

It is an honor for us to serve as Program Providers at the Georgian Bay Cancer Support Centre. Through the vision of Sandy Cornell, the Centre’s Founder, they opened the doors to our community in March 2011. The centre is a community-based, independent, not-for- profit organization serving Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny and Tay. They strive to provide meaningful programs and services to their members in an effort to support their physical, social and emotional well being. They are recognized as a place of hope and vitality for people living with cancer. The centre offers a broad array of programs, of which we are only a small part. Nonetheless, our opportunities to provide Meditation, Reiki, Caregiver Group Support, and Strength and Tone classes enrich us beyond measure. Having been touched by cancer in so many ways in our own lives, it gives us great comfort and strength to know that the Centre exists here. If you or someone you know is affected by cancer, we encourage you to visit the Centre. We can assure you that you will be greeted with unconditional regard, and it won’t be long before you feel at home.

Christian Island Guiding Lights Seniors Centre

Dino enjoys a great reputation on Christian Island where he has been participating in a variety of annual Wellness Events, and providing ‘Gentle Chair Yoga Classes’ to the seniors for the past several years. In November, he will start a new weekly program at the Community Centre providing an array of fitness classes for people participating in the Diabetic Education Program. The camaraderie he experiences during delivery of programs on Christian Island is unsurpassed and he always leaves there with a smile. He says the participants inspire him with their sense of humor and their positive attitude. There is no question when it comes to health and wellbeing that this type of attitude will take you far!

Here and Now Health –  Community Links

Simcoe Area Businesses with Heart

We feel blessed to live in a community where we have met so many gentle, caring like-minded practitioners and business entrepreneurs. Here on our COMMUNITY LINKS page, you will find a list of other health service providers, and small business entrepreneurs with whom we have interacted both personally and professionally. We recommend each of them to you knowing they operate with integrity and humility, and trusting that you will be in the best of hands and hearts should you choose to pursue any of their services.

Cheryl and Dino

Sheri Andrunyk
Author, Publisher, Speaker, Holistic Business and Life Coach
President and Founder of Women for Women, and IC Publishing

“We have a sincere passion and respect for the written word and working with authors to bring those words to life. We know the belief, commitment and dedication it takes to create and tell a great story, and then bring it fully to fruition. Providing more choice and support to business experts, wellness coaches and spiritual mentors.”

Our Personal Testimonial: Cheryl has enjoyed being both participant and presenter in workshop events organized by Sheri, as well as working with her on several editing projects through IC Publishing. She is a like-minded entrepreneur – organized, dedicated to her clients, and a woman who operates with a high level of integrity. In Cheryl’s business world – you can’t beat that!

Brenda Barker - fitness/zumba instructor

Brenda Barker
Certified Fitness/Zumba Instructor,

Certified Aromatouch Practitioner, doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Our Personal Testimonial:  Cheryl and Brenda are cousins, but have long felt a spiritual sisterhood that has bonded them since childhood. As like-minded spirits, they feel most connected to their purpose when they align themselves with career opportunities that help them to feel they are making a difference in the world.  Whether that’s through their one-to-one interactions, in larger groups, or through the support they can offer to The Healing Hands Foundation because of their connection to doTERRA, they know they are helping to change lives for the better, moment by moment, day by day. Brenda is Cheryl’s direct Team Leader for doTERRA Essential Oils in the Belleville area.  She loves knowing that if she has clients in southeastern Ontario who need natural solutions and support, they are going to be greeted by Brenda with a never-ending spirit of positivity, and a passion to serve that goes above and beyond the norm for today’s customer service standards. Brenda’s longstanding career in marketing serves in this regard, as she knows all too well the importance of meeting the client where they are at, and in the moment that they desire it.

Monique Dorion-Bruhn
Registered Massage Therapist
Georgian Health & Wellness Centre

“Monique is very interested in the “alternative health care” and hands on healing aspects of massage therapy. She is one of the proud owners of the Georgian Health and Wellness Centre, where she has been practicing since she graduated in 1999. She has developed her continued skills through interaction with other therapists as well as through treating various conditions such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, headache and so forth.”

Our Personal Testimonial: From our view, her greatest gifts to her clients are her compassion and warm-heartedness. Her nurturing instincts are a fundamental part of who she is as a person, and you will feel very much taken care of when you choose her as a part of your treatment team.

Suzanne Dobinson
Holistic Health Practitioner, Craniosacral Therapist, Shamanic Healer, Akashic Record Consultant, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ear Coning Practitioner

“Suzanne is keen to promote wellness in the full sense of the word. Pulling together spiritual, physical and emotional creates a balance that is essential in life. Whether the pain is felt on a physical or emotional level, her goal is to assist her clients in releasing pain and empowering them to be their best while discovering their true essence. She is well-equipped to help you with all your health needs, and continues to enhance her own skills and knowledge so she can maintain a commitment of offering the best to her clients.”

Our Personal Testimonial: Cheryl has enjoyed many shamanic energy healings with Suzanne, and feels completely safe in her hands. She has also trained with her in Akashic Records and as a result of her respect for Suzanne’s facilitation skills, easily promotes her courses to others. One of Cheryl’s greatest joys was to join Suzanne on a spiritually based travel excursion to Guatemala in 2009. Suzanne has spear-headed many of these journeys over the course of her career, and if you ever get a chance to join her on one of these trips, you will come back with a deepened sense of awakening, and memories that are sure to surpass your typical ‘vacation’ getaway.

Beverley Dujay – Macdonald
Reiki Practitioner and Therapeutic Touch Level II
Reiki By The Lake

“Reiki is a hands-on, non-invasive healing technique that has become increasingly popular in the health and wellness field. Reiki energy eases pain, relaxes tense muscles and calms the emotions. It can assist in eliminating the stress and strain of modern life by allowing a time for deep relaxation. Reiki is always a positive and sacred exchange devoted to your personal wellbeing. I sincerely hope that more people will come to understand the therapeutic value of including some form of energy work into their personal lives on a regular basis. I truly believe in the value and the benefits of Reiki and I am committed to offering my services in a way that enhances the healing of others.”

Our Personal Testimonial: Beverley is a long time friend and colleague, one of the first people to embrace us when we arrived in this community in 2003. We have shared many experiences with her, a variety of these being in the realm of personal and spiritual growth, which is a mutual interest. She has been a constant and keen participant at our annual ‘Heal the Healer’ program, where Reiki practitioners meet to exchange services. Her approach is based on highly developed intuition and a true offering of love. You will no doubt feel ‘at home’ in her presence. She has a way of making you feel comfortable from the moment you step into her space. On another note – although she won’t tell you this – Beverley is a gifted writer and a published author. She is an inspiration to us both!

Sharlene Dunk-Hayward

Sharlene Dunk-Hayward

“As a Relaxation Therapist, I felt inspired to open a local shop to provide like minded people with meditation items that could assist in their mindfulness practice and spiritual growth.  My retail space offers healing stones, crystals, pendulums, books, and many other items that will promote peace, calm and well being.”

Our Personal Testimonial:  Cheryl shared space in Sharlene’s Healing Room for several months in 2018, and enjoyed getting to know her, and browsing through her shop to find items that could enhance her spiritual well being.  As a networking and connecting opportunity, one special thing Sharlene does is to take in other’s creative works on consignment, to support their small business ventures in the spiritual arena. Cheryl has infact sold many DIY Essential Oils items in this shop, the most popular of which is her personal recipe for ‘Liquid Smudge.’ We are fortunate to have such a retail opportunity in our small community, and anyone interested in the items she offers should definitely stop in and check it out.

Nicole Dupuis - wellness consultant

Nicole Dupuis
Wellness Consultant

“For about the past 15 years, I have been on a quest to figure out what the Universe intended for me. Interests and likes, desires and dreams, relationships and careers have come and gone. When will I know? What will it be? I was always so envious of my dear friend that said to me one day after starting a new journey of her own: “I have never felt like this is where I am supposed to be, more than right now”. What a great feeling that must be?  In the latter half of my 15 year quest, I started making some changes physically, mentally and spiritually. It was the start of a good shift. Two years ago I met the someone who would open doors for me like I never imagined in all three of these areas. After a lot of work, grief, joyful findings and a little bit of serendipity, I can now say “I am where I want to be”.
Being in a position that allows me to coach and educate others to find natural methods for their wellbeing brings me great joy. I find true happiness, when making a difference in someone’s life.”

Our Personal Testimonial:  Nicole is a Certified Personal/Group Fitness Trainer, a Level Two Reiki Practitioner, Aromatouch Certified Practitioner, and a doTERRA Wellness Advocate. Taking a recent leap of faith, she decided to focus her career on her passion – which was to grow an entrepreneurial business where she could offer wellness services to her community, with a focus on developing intimate and meaningful 1-1 relationships being sure to address people’s needs for all around wellness – body, mind and soul. Nicole is a youthful, energetic, positive and compassionate woman.  She is a strong force on our doTERRA Wellness Team, and we just know she will succeed in whatever she sets her mind to, because she has decided to manifest her heart’s desire and to stay true to that. We love spending time with her, growing with her, learning from her, and being a part of her unfolding passion. She has the most amazing tag line in her business, which is to “lead an intentional life,” and that is exactly what she is doing!

Mary English - Reiki Practitioner

Mary English
Reiki Practitioner

“I am a retired R.N. and have lived in Wasaga Beach for 10 years. My family consists of 2 married daughters and their spouses. They have blessed me with 8 beautiful healthy grandchildren. My dog Luna loves visitors and will likely welcome you at the door. I have many things I like to do including walking, zoomba, volunteering and of course Reiki. Energy work has become a passion over the past 3 years. I have been regularly enhancing my education keeping my skills current, working with different elements such as Crystals and Essential Oils are new additions to my energy practice. I look forward to being of service to you.”

Our Personal Testimonial:  Cheryl and Mary met in 2018 at an essential oils workshop that Cheryl was offering to a group of Reiki Practitioners in the Barrie area.  They have since struck up a relationship because of their mutual health care backgrounds, and their eventual shift into complimentary modalities. There are a lot of people who hang their shingles to promote their holistic business.  But a solid foundation in health care, an understanding of the body-mind connection, and an appreciation for the professional limits and boundaries of these service offerings help to make a client feel more secure in their experience. Cheryl is very excited to know that clients in the Wasaga Beach area have access to such a compassionate and well-informed Reiki practitioner.

Jenni Flanagan
H.D. Doctor of Homeopathy

“By educating the person in the cause of their health problem and how to relieve or eliminate it, natural medicine places an emphasis on a preventative approach to healing. Jenni has 6 years combined academic training in Naturopathy and Homeopathy and many years of informed practice, both in Australia and Canada. She was voted Best Naturopath in Huronia by Mirror’s Readers Choices Awards in both 2007 and 2008.”

Our Personal Testimonial: We have entrusted our own physical wellbeing to Jenni for many years now. She appreciates the uniqueness of each individual and works to find the best way to meet your needs, understanding that sometimes it takes time to determine what that is. Her knowledge is solid. She walks her walk, and talks her talk too, and that is admired and respected!

Liz and Kurt Frost
Sugarridge Retreat Centre, Masala Life Care Services
Psychotherapists, Yoga Instructors, Retreat Facilitators

“Liz and Kurt Frost are wellness facilitators offering a broad range of services from counseling to yoga to weekend retreats. Their vision at Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre is to promote personal health on all levels, which in turn fosters community health. The centre has been created out of love and compassion for all creatures who visit its’ sacred space.”

Our Personal Testimonial: Cheryl enjoys a collegial relationship with Liz and Kurt and often shares clinical cases with them, as they work together to meet the needs of clients in our community. She has also experienced yoga at their retreat centre, and attended a few of their unique events, including Crystal Bowl Concerts and Healing Sound sessions. She loves their space! Her recommendation is to get on their mailing list! There are always new things happening there, and sooner or later you will find something coming up that you don’t want to miss!

Marlon Gibbons

“Specializing in Production Music, I am a Canadian based composer, helping independent film producers to large corporations strengthen and enhance their projects, goals and advertising objectives. This is done with creative, inspiring and effective music. 
Each client has unique needs, it’s my job to understand that and consistently deliver! Stepping away from the formal paragraph above, the down-to-earth real “me” will tell you, I’m a father, husband and full-time composer/producer/musician. I’ve landed some cool music placements over the years, and worked on some really great projects. More than talent, what has given me those opportunities have been RELATIONSHIPS forged with a genuine sense of HUMILITY and GRATITUDE. Of course HARD WORK and what I think is the secret ingredient, always being “an easy guy to work with” even during challenges.”

Our Personal Testimonial: Marlon is a most gentle and humble soul and we are delighted to know him. He offers a wide range of popular music at public venues and we enjoy watching him perform. But we most especially enjoy his own orchestral compositions, and have gifted many friends with copies of his CDs. His bio on his web site, stated above, speaks his truth from an open heart. Cheryl knows this first hand from having had the pleasure of working with him on her meditation CD project in 2009. We are so delighted to see his career unfolding and him gaining the success in the composition industry that he truly deserves

Salon at Georgian Village

Danielle Gignac
Salon Owner, Hair Stylist, doTERRA Wellness Advocate
Salon at Georgian Village

“We are a full service salon located in the beautiful Georgian Village Penetanguishene!
We offer all hair stylist services, as well as access to an esthetician. We are open Monday through Saturday and we enjoy serving the residents of the Village, as well as all the members of our community. We recently enhanced our services when Danielle joined doTERRA International as a Wellness Advocate, and now have a beautiful range of essential oil products available to you as part of our retail offerings. Come in and have a look. You never know, you might just find a unique gift for someone you love, or the perfect tool to help you on your own path towards living a vibrant life

Our Personal Testimonial: Cheryl met Danielle when she joined one of her meditation groups several years ago and she has enjoyed getting to know her since that time. Danielle is an eager and enthusiastic woman with great organizational skills and solid business practice. But more importantly, she is a genuine, good-hearted soul invested in serving others through kindness and compassion. Her smile can’t help but bring a smile to your own face. Having her Salon at Georgian Village is a perfect fit for her. When Danielle decided to join forces with Cheryl as part of the Here and Now doTERRA Wellness Team, she was thrilled. She brings her unbounded spirit to the group and always has fresh and inspired ideas. It is also great for our area to have access to doTERRA products on a retail basis. Being able to walk in to the Salon and find your favorite essential oil on the shelf waiting for you makes for simple incorporation into your life without any fuss.

Barbara Lowe
Assisting You, Social Media Consultant

“Barbara Lowe has a background in marketing and advertising spanning over 17 years. With a Diploma in Advanced Social Media & Digital Marketing, she is able to take businesses to the next level by connecting them to potential clients and customers online, using social media. Barbara has a consistent and positive online presence and is well known throughout Southern Georgian Bay and surrounding areas to be professional and reliable.”

Our Personal Testimonial: If it were not for Barbara, we would not have social media presence. We just didn’t have the savvy or the time to figure it all out. She has been gracious, patient and straight-forward in her approach with us. She is a great teacher with a positive attitude and she made our learning easy and fun. Thanks Barb!

Harbourview Health and Wellness - Deborah Montgomery

Deborah Montgomery
Psychotherapy, Counselling and Wellness

Harbourview Health and Wellness

I am a Registered Psychotherapist, Practical Nurse, and Social Service Worker, with particular experience in addictions.  I also offer Foot Care Services on-sight for many seniors in our area, and am a certified Aromatouch Practitioner, using doTERRA CPTG essential oils for the past two years, both personally and professionally.  I have over 22 years experience in my fields of practice, and use a holistic approach to health and mental health wellness. I enjoy travelling, kayaking, cooking, and spending time with my family. I am energetic and do best when I am continually challenging myself.”

Our Personal Testimonial: Cheryl and Deborah met when Cheryl first moved to the area, and they found themselves at the same place of employment.  They reconnected several years ago when Deborah reached out to expand her holistic learning. Since that time, their mutual background in counseling has fostered a continued relationship; as with a holistic perspective, they speak the same language freely and honestly, something that is sometimes hard to find in the traditional counseling model.  Cheryl now uses Deborah as a strength and ally when looking to refer her own clients, as she seeks to wind down her counseling practice. It is an incredible comfort to her to know that her clients will be in good hands with a professional who has a similar outlook on life, and who incorporates all aspects of being into her work. Deborah is also a member of our Here and Now Health doTERRA Wellness Team, and offers retail and wholesale services to clients as part of our growing group.  We love having her on board as a Sharer, and knowing that her strong belief in integrity matches our own.

Megan Monroe - doTERRA Wellness Advocate

Megan Munroe
doTERRA Wellness Advocate

*Follow me on instagram @empoweredwithessentials

“I love to see people take charge of their health and wellness. I started using essential oils in 2016, and I’m so grateful dōTERRA came into my life. I used these powerful therapeutic grade oils throughout my pregnancy and labour, and of course have continued to do so in everyday life as I seek natural solutions for my self, my daughter, my husband and our pets. It’s so empowering to have safe and effective tools on hand for my familys’ health. A natural approach has always been my first choice and I love to educate families on the powerful benefits of essential oils.”

Our Personal Testimonial:  Megan is our team leader in Barrie, Ontario, and is fast becoming a skilled and knowledgeable advocate in the area of essential oils when it comes to helping moms support their young ones with natural solutions to well being.  She is also a dog groomer, which has led her to learn how to use oils safely with our pets, and she hopes to grow this area of learning further over time. Megan is an enthusiastic, energetic and passionate young woman who won’t stop searching to find answers for you until she knows she has gathered all the pertinent information necessary.  Active on social media, she will happily connect with you on instagram. We are so excited to have Megan on our growing team of advocates.

Kandice Neale, RMT
Carla Belfry, RMT

Kneading Massage

“Kneading Massage is a registered massage therapy clinic located in beautiful Penetanguishene, Ontario. For 10+ years the Kneading Massage team have been providing professional and reliable therapeutic treatments to their clients. They are continuously taking new courses and upgrading their skills to offer the very best massage therapy treatments. Come in and visit Kandice Neal, Clinic Owner/ RMT, and the rest of the Kneading Massage team to experience their friendly, relaxing environment and professional care.”

Our Personal Testimonial: Kandice always greets her clients with a warm, enthusiastic and positive attitude. You can’t help but feel better simply by being in her presence. She assesses your needs each time you come in, and has the aptitude to use several different adjunct modalities to assist you in managing your issue. Cheryl loves her Myofascial Release technique and always leave her space feeling better!  

We are thrilled to now have Kandice as a Sharing Member of our doTERRA Wellness Team, offering CPTG essential oils for retail in her office space.  This allows easy access for our clients who want to purchase on site, without worrying about additional shipping costs. In addition, her knowledge of oils as it relates to body wellness is particularly beneficial to her massage clients, and is sure to assist them in continued healing outside the office.

Lynne Marshall, M.A.
Trauma, Loss and Relationship Counselor, Energy Medicine Practitioner

“It seems I’ve been preparing to do this work all my life – beginning in my childhood with my eldest-of-six’s urge to nurture, through to my career as a training consultant and adult educator. In my own recovery journey I studied traditional psychotherapy, Twelve Step programs, Native Healing Circles, the Enneagram and much more. Then, in 2005, moved by a family tragedy, I finally realized my true vocation as a healer. My qualifications include an M.A. in Sociology/Psychology, Diplomas in Spiritual Healing and Advanced Energy Medicine, Master Level Reiki, Therapeutic Touch III, plus a lifetime of experience as survivor, wife, mother, grandmother and friend. I continually study in this expanding field, always seeking to help as many as possible to find the healing and fulfillment that’s been given to me. I am happy to assist my clients with offices in Midland and Barrie, as well as providing coaching and counseling services by telephone.”

Our Personal Testimonial: Cheryl and Lynne have been doing energy work exchanges since they met in 2011. Cheryl has appreciated having a fellow counselor in her community who is trained in bodywork modalities and who understands and appreciates their incorporation into a traditional counseling practice. Cheryl has referred several clients to Lynne for ‘tapping’ and has always heard positive results. Keep an eye on her service offerings! A true visionary, Lynne is often adding new programs to her repertoire.

Karen Newell
President & Founder of BlueWater Business Promotions
Director of Client Services – First Financial

Karen is the President and Creative Director of BlueWater Business Promotions. A dual citizen of the USA and Canada, Karen started the company in Ontario in 2005, providing clients with personalized branding services including logo development, graphics, printed marketing materials, promotional items, signs/banners, website design and advertising campaigns. BlueWater Business Promotions expanded into the USA, with a location in South Florida in 2014.

“Why is her company name BlueWater Business Promotions?”
“When people ask this question I explain to them how important it was for me to select a business name that was personally inspirational. The business name had to be something I loved as it would become a representation of the pride I take in my work and the source of what enables me to live my life to the fullest. Blue water and life under the sea is what truly inspires me. I love that it is the name of my company.” (Karen Newell)

Our Personal Testimonial: Karen has been working with us since we first started our business in 2003. We met her shortly after her arrival in the Midland area, and enjoyed getting to know her as a fellow newcomer. Her creative design ideas have assisted us in the development of business cards, brochures, and event –based promo materials. Most importantly, she worked hand-in-hand with us to develop and re-develop our web site, keeping us current with changes in technology. We trust her implicitly and are privileged to call her our friend.

Cheri Palmer, Chiropractor
Palmer Wellness Centre

“Everything I do in practice is based on these four important principles:
1. You are a self-healing organism. Your body is designed to heal itself. Your body is in a constant state of change and repair, and in order to do this, it follows a very exact program.
2. Your nervous system is the mechanism that runs this program. As long as your nervous system is able to communicate effectively with every organ, tissue, cell, nook and cranny of you, you should experience optimal health—the best health of your life. This is called ‘normal.’
3. If, however, something interferes with the function of your nervous system, and it is not able to do its job, your body will no longer be ABLE to do what it is programmed and designed to do. It will become confused and start doing ‘abnormal’ things.
4. My job as a chiropractor is to restore law and order in this system! I look forward to meeting you and your family and helping you achieve your optimal health!”

Our Personal Testimonial: Cheri has a unique intuitive approach to her chiropractic work and truly believes that the body can heal itself if given the right direction. We have both enjoyed the benefits of her services and appreciated her holistic approach to well being. In addition, Cheryl rented office space from Cheri for several years. During this time, she witnessed the client centered care that was being given first hand, and enjoyed being a part of the team environment. Cheryl still refers clients to Cheri for non-invasive chiropractic care, and encourages clients to consider these services as a part of their overall self-care plan.

healing arts resiliency training logo

Alicia Rowe
Healing Arts Resiliency Training

“It is impossible to pour from an empty cup, fill your cup first. Caring for others and responding to emergency situations can be very physically, mentally and emotionally taxing.  Take the steps to build your own custom plan to manage the challenge of providing care to vulnerable others while taking care of yourself.

HART is an invaluable resource for anyone who cares for others.  Let us help you fill your cup.”

Our Personal Testimonial:  Alicia is an up and coming wellness facilitator, currently working in the health care field full time, and just beginning to branch out into part time service offerings.  She has many years experience in physiotherapy; but as a result of both personal and professional stress experiences, sees herself moving forward in the future with a practice that offers individual and group programs to those have experienced trauma.  As a social worker in health care for many years with a personal interest in both personal and professional caregiver burnout, I know all too well the need for these types of services. I look forward to seeing where Alicia takes this passion and feel quite certain that her ability to blend both personal and professional wisdom will be of immeasurable value, particularly in the health care industry. Read more about her personal story on her web site, and see if she might the resiliency coach for you.

Katie Wilken
Radiant Lifestyle, Intentional Jewelry

“I have beautiful clients who love and cherish what I make for them and share it with loved ones. That to me is bliss! I am truly so grateful to be a female entrepreneur in this time in history. We now have so many opportunities as women to change our path forward to living a life that is fulfilling to each of us! I believe in the power of our own unique blueprint that we have each been given to make a difference in the world. I am living proof that with a dream, you can over come darkness, move through, heal and change your life to live in a beautiful state. Now, let’s get moving on our magical journey together and crack wide open, live, love & create!”

Our Personal Testimonial: Cheryl just met this dynamic woman at end of August, 2016, as part of her journey with doTERRA. It has been a sisterhood connection ever since. Katie’s jewelry is incredible and if you want to find a truly magical and special gift for someone, check out her offerings. But it is more her soul that has captured Cheryl’s attention. She is going to go places with her new ventures, and she is worth following!